A Different Kind of Jukebox at Bakerie MCR

Last week I was invited to a blogging event at Bakerie in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The purpose for the event was to bring attention to their wine jukebox, which is a wonderful invention that allows you affordably sample a wide range of new and exciting wines that you probably would not purchase by the bottle. The wine jukebox (pictured below) contains 8 reds and 8 whites from around the world.


The evening began with a short lesson on how to taste wine, and the notes to look for in a wine depending on the grape and the region it comes from. I’m very much an oenophile and it was nice to learn how to properly taste wines. We were then left to play with the jukebox and try out all the different wines, and enjoy the sharing boards.


In terms of flavours the stand-out wine of the night for me was this lovely sauvignon blanc from India. I don’t normally pick white wines, but this wine has a brilliant and unique flavour, and is definitely worth the try!


The other wines that stood out for me were the two vegan options in the jukebox. Fining agents that are used to clarify wines are often made from animal products, however the use of alternative agents is increasing and the vegan wine market is growing. The two jukebox options were Roussanne La Croix, a French white; and Malbec Valentin Bianchi, an Argentine red. They are pictured below and as you can see the white is soo clear the glass almost looks empty. These are two beautiful wines and I can’t wait to try more vegan wines.


The sharing boards at Bakerie boast a wide variety for all dietary requirements, they have a vegan board, cheese board, seafood board, and a classic charcuterie board. I happily tucked in to the vegan and cheese boards with a hearty side of bread, and the food was amazing.

Bakerie is definitely a must visit in Manchester, special thanks to Keeley and Bakerie for organising such a fabulous event!


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