Breakfast Week- “Shake Up Your Wake Up”

I recently became aware of the “Shake Up Your Wake Up” campaign and their annual event known as “Breakfast Week”. The campaign and events seek to encourage people to be more mindful about eating breakfast and what their breakfast contains. This something very useful for me personally as I have a tendency to get up and go without a thought for breakfast. During the last few weeks with it being exam season and having lots of early mornings and late nights, I have found having breakfast really does make a difference to my day. Breakfast doesn’t have to be complex or heavy, and I can eat mine on the go…

I tend to start my day off with a smoothie and some tea. Normally I’m heading out the door to uni so I will make the smoothie more liquid and drink it through a straw on my way in, then get a venti hot water from Starbucks on campus for my tea (all my Instagram posts are not coffee shhh 😉 ). However today I am working from home and have more time to enjoy my food, so I’ve made the smoothie more thick for a smoothie bowl by using less water and including chia seeds.


This is what is typically in my smoothie: spinach, kale, raspberries, lemon, lime, and ginger. Today I had some extra fruit on hand so I threw in a clementine, and the chia seeds to bulk up the smoothie. I normally buy the spinach and raspberries frozen, and fresh kale which I freeze immediately after buying, I’ve found it keeps well.


I then give everything a few buzzes in my trusty magic bullet until I can see that it all looks well processed.


To finish the bowl off I top it with some whole chia seeds, and some sesame seeds. The tea I’m having today is mango & lychee flavoured green tea.

I hope this post inspires you to start you day off right.

Happy Breakfast Week!



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