Busy Being SANE in the Kitchen

Hello again!

The past couple months have been exciting. I submitted my placement year dissertation, and had my viva voce (oral exam), it’s nice to feel like a chapter of my life is coming to a natural close. I submitted the first of my final year dissertations, and I am excited about my project, and feeling like my creative juices are flowing. I feel at home again in Manchester and just in time for the festive season! There may be some seasonal cooking coming your way so watch this space.

I have been experimenting in the kitchen a lot recently and I found some great recipes online. With all the hard work lately I was feeling a bit lacklustre and run down so I have introduced small amounts of carbs, predominantly unrefined, back into my life. Some of these recipes include breading, which is the only refined carb product I am using. I have also been having some gluten free products as sides because they are more unrefined.  Possibly the biggest dietary change is my shift to a predominantly plant-based diet, the bulk of my diet does not feature meat and hopefully I will eventually be animal product free!

As always all the recipes featured are on my Pinterest board, and I hope you enjoy this montage of food

These stuffed portabello mushrooms really hit the spot and made a nice salad topper.

Carrot fries are an amazing side, here I paired them with baked eggs and salad pitta pockets (GF).

These honey garlic grilled vegetables went down a treat, I used them to top some pitta halves (GF) to create sort of mini pizzas, and had some fresh rocket and peppered peas on the side.

I discovered recipes for baked okra and fried greens beans a few months ago and finally got round to trying them out; needless to say I fell in love with them and have adapted them to make cauliflower, and Quorn breaded creations. I can honestly say these are all worthy substitutes for fried chicken!

2015-10-12 20.57.08

Finally, we have the whole roasted cauliflower. This was a delight to make, it filled the kitchen with a beautiful spice aroma. Roasting the cauliflower leaves it tender and ‘melt in you mouth’, with a nice crispy exterior. I will definitely be making this again, possibly as an alternative seasonal roast.

Stay SANE!


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