Back on the Wagon

I recently took a 2 month vacation, spending some time at the happiest, most magical place on earth- Disney World; visiting family in the Lake Michigan area; and rejuvenating at home in Malawi. I’m now back in Manchester and ready to tackle my final year of university. I’m well aware that part of my success this year depends on my health and well being, so I’m making a particular effort to jump back into the SANE life.

The weather is still quite mild at the minute, so I’m enjoying having salad meals, but I can’t wait to get into experimenting with more hearty wintery style meals. I’ve also been trying to get into the habit of eating breakfast to make sure I get the quantities of veg that I need each day, and I quite like waking up to a smoothie bowl. Without further a do, here’s some of my meals from the past week. Stay SANE!

    Sea food Stir fry

 Cauliflower rice, with chicken, and lemon and herb vegetables 

  Haddock in tomato sauce, on mixed salad leaves

 Green smoothie bowl with fresh raspberries 

Green smoothie bowl, topped with sesame seeds 

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