Adventures in SANE Eating

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted about my SANE eating, life caught up with and it’s been a busy time. However, I have managed to be pretty consistent with the SANE eating. It has been a great time of creativity and discovery with food; I’m going to share some of my breakthroughs.

During the first couple of weeks of SANE eating I made a lot of sir fries and, as nice as stir fires are, that got boring very quickly, and I found myself slipping back into old eating habits. So I went to my trusty source of food inspiration- Pinterest, and began a board of foods and recipes that fell into SANE categories.

The 2 most exciting experiments for me were using vegetables as pasta, and pizza base alternatives.

My first test was courgetti, finely grated or spiralised courgette (Zucchini) used as a substitute for spaghetti or noodles. I made a mushroom courgetti to go with steak, and it was a great meal, I will definitely be having it again soon.

The next test was courgette lasagna, which uses courgette finely sliced length-ways instead of flat noodles. The lasagna was incredible and it was a struggle to not eat the whole thing in one sitting.

The next thing I tried was the alternative pizza bases. I made cauliflower and spinach pizzas and personally I found the spinach base to be the better of the 2. Both were a worthy pizza substitute though and fairly quick and easy to make.



My most recent experiment was with cauliflower rice, the first time I made it , it was more mash than rice, but I have enjoyed success with it recently, and enjoyed this prawn “risotto” this weekend.

I’m enjoying all the kitchen experiments, and beginning to build up a new repertoire of easy daily meals that follow the SANE way of life.

Till next time, stay SANE!

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