A SANE Weekend

I’ve been doing SANE eating for half a week now, and for the most part I am really enjoying it. I’ve developed a routine with my meals and smoothies, I’m enjoying eating regularly throughout the day and not feeling hungry. Over the weekend I did treat myself to a little bit of inSANEity, I had some cookies and caffeinated tea with milk. I think one of my issues is I miss the taste of chocolate. Now chocolate in itself is not bad, cacao is on the list of SANE foods, but chocolate sweets are not good. So I’ve bought some organic cacao powder and will be using it over the next few days and we’ll see how that goes. I got a reasonably priced sampling size off of a whole foods seller on Amazon.


In terms of meals I ate this weekend I had a variety of stir fries. This is my mixed meat and vegetable one which had: Chicken, beef, smoked haddock, kale, bean sprouts, and sugar snaps.


One major thing I discovered this weekend is I no longer had any snack food; all the snacks I used to eat were inSANE, and I also didn’t want to overdo the nuts because those are quite high in fat content. So I had to get a little creative with my snacks; this was good because it made me think if I really wanted a snack because a snack now involves food prep not just unwrapping and consumption. My favourite snack this weekend was a fried egg, with chili mushy peas, and romaine leaves.


And onto the smoothies, I’ve still not gotten round to photographing any of them, but I made a lovely one this weekend that I’m now calling my red velvet smoothie. It has the same ingredients as my green smoothie I just threw in a little beetroot and it tasted great, and the texture was very creamy. I think I may try adding the cacao to that smoothie and have a little bit of a veggie chocolate/red velvet cake in a cup sort of smoothie going on.

To round off I’m definitely a lot more satisfied with my eating, I don’t feel hungry as often anymore, and when I do, I don’t feel as if I’ve over eaten I just know it’s time for more food and that I nee to get my veggie servings in. Till next time, stay SANE!

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